This Man Found A 12-Year-Old Bottle Floating Over The Sea. Let’s See What’s Inside It

This guy, named from imgur posted a story about him finding a bottle which was floating over the sea since 12-years from now. Opening the bottle, he found a message from a woman named, Amanda Ferguson. Read this article to find out what she had written 12-years-ago.

This is , who claims to find the bottle


As per him, the bottle contented beads from Mardi Gras and a letter which was written by a lady named, Amanda Ferguson.


The notes written on this letter were washed-out, making it harder for anyone to read! Somehow, this man was able to figure out the notes. Here’s what it states

“Amanda Ferguson, Message in a Bottle May 17th, 2004 Set off from Ormond Beach, Florida It is the tremendous experiment… becoming conscious which… laid upon mankind who… most diverse culture and… I don’t know what I hope to… in sending this message… bottle, yet I hope it works… You-the lucky finder of this… me- the soon luckier sender of this bottle. I’ve enclosed authentic Mardi Gras beads from Feb 13th, 2004 New Orleans – LA! “where, Y’at?”The good luck will bless us. Believe. Please contact me when you find. Amanda Ferguson”


The bottle was set to travel from Ormond Beach, Florida and after a few years reached to Key West, Florida. The notes written by Amanda clearly states the date which is Feb 13th-2004, 12-years-ago from now. Now this man is on a new journey, trying to find Amanda.

It’s not always the treasure of coins which surprises us. Sometimes a small, old message also means a lot!