This Genius Man Gets His House Painted For FREE

Well, who doesn’t like getting their house painted with some fresh new colors, and if it is for free, then heck-yes! Just like any of us, this man living in an old, broken house decided to get a new paint-job done, but without paying a single penny! Curious to know how? Scroll down and find out yourself.

This is how his house looked before the painting was done.


Instead of spending money on paint and it’s tools, he thought of an innovative idea!


His idea was to basically do some graffiti designs on the wall, making it look uglier than it is already.

Pressure Wash team to the rescue!

Seeing these dirty looking graffiti works on the wall, Pressure wash team cleans it by painting the similar color which is RED


This wasn’t done as of it! He kept repeating this for about a week.


While he used to try drawing some skill-less art, pressure wash team cleaned it by painting over it!


His next step was, DEMAND!



This wasn’t over yet, instead kept growing!


Poor pressure wash team, since painting every day changed nothing, they decided to paint the entire wall and the door as well!


Goal Complete – The person who started this game was lucky enough to get his paint-job done without paying a dollar! And guess what? He thanked them too!


Even though it was fun and free, putting someone in trouble is not what we recommend anyone of you to do! Hope you like it 😉
(H/T imgur)