Guy Falls Asleep At Work, Then Something Hilariously Terrible Happen Which Gave Him A Lesson

Sleeping while at work, might sound exciting, but it’s NOT! On his second day at work, a guy known as TheOrangeDuke, who was an intern, fell asleep, but little did he know, his associates had an evil, yet funny thought of taking a picture of him with them posing and posting it on the internet and sending an invitation to people for a Photoshop battle with their creative ideas. People around the world took this sleeping beauty for an adventure, which he would’ve never thought of.

This is the actual picture :


And here comes the Photoshoped ones :


01. This looks like, he’s on something unappropriate which got him high.



02. I wonder how people come up with such ideas.



03. Don’t wake him, he’s at work.



04. Let it go, can’t hold it back anymore!



05. Ah ha, He’s alive!



06. Isn’t that guy from Game Of Thrones?



07. Oh look, He’s at Ellen’s too!



08. Killing it, like a rock star.



09. And you are.., officially a star!



10. Not here, Carlos.


Some people learn lesson, the hard way. But as per TheOrangeDuke, who kept the company’s name anonymous, was lucky enough to not get fired – What a lucky champ! So next time you’re at work, be sure to have a coffee and not get caught sleeping 😉
(H/T Boredpanda)